El huerto de Tatiana: agricultura ecológica en Sevilla
^Almuerzos Sonoros^

Orchard´Tatiana, organic farming

We visited Tatiana’s garden (Puebla del Río, Seville), one of our most important suppliers of vegetables, fruits and organic vegetables present in most of our dishes. There have been many occasions in which we have mentioned the ‘Huerto de Tatiana’ from conTenedor. It is one of our main suppliers of organic fruits, vegetables and vegetables and it was time for us to dedicate a post to our blog. Tatiana García Resenberg, a Spaniard with German roots, is responsible for this project: ten hectares of land on the El Garrotal farm in Puebla del Río in the Sevillian Aljarafe region. Of which, between four and five are cultivated with a wide variety of species, some quite curious and hard to find: baby eggplants, Mexican tomatoes, nopales, elephant cloves, round cucumbers, edible flowers … What do you think? of having eaten them in conTenedor? In Tatiana’s garden all the crops are external – there is only one small greenhouse for germination of seeds – and everything is produced using 100% natural and ecological techniques, free of pesticides. Even the compost they make themselves: Tatiana, helped by two employees and by her mother.