Here at conTenedor we pride ourselves in choosing the most organic, fresh and well-sourced products available in Andalucía and beyond, bringing them under the expertise of our local chefs.

Our philosophy is simple; we prepare our food in a ‘slow cooked’ manner so as the taste compliments our customer’s pallet, bringing out the flavours and enjoyment with each dish served

We open everyday.


From a great product, we selected carefully on the market or our suppliers, is the first step to a plate full of nuances and flavors. The following is working on these products and find some connection between them that make sense to a plate. Once developed the plate, had it`s elaboration, runs at the time that our clients ask us, thus ensuring it`s total freshness and flavor.


We have around fifteen dishes on our menu, some vary as we adapt to the seasonal changes to the produce of our region. At conTendor we maintain consistency via feedback from our customers- our stock and trade has to be the Duck with crispy rice (Pato y arroz cruicante) a local favourite and best seller.

We serve up a wide variety of vegetables from the region, seasonal fish, including our ever-popular squid (pupol) and other types from our neighbouring region of Huelva and Cadiz.

Fresh pasta made by hand, as well as meat, again sourced from Galicia and Ret into, quality beef and deer from the Sierra Norte region of Andalucía.

Why not try our wonderful homemade sweets and deserts? All made fresh by our artisan Chefs.


At conTenedor we are forever looking for new ways to improve our wine cellar. Spain is fortunate as we produce world-class wines, and Andalucía has grown into a very strong wine-producing region. We are not interested in fashion, but real wines that excite and offer a new perspective and bouquets, organic and bioorganic both red and white. In Andalucía our strong tradition of classic wines attract many a connoisseur and at coTenedor we serve up wines of the highest quality, why not try a glass?.


Calle San Luís 50, Sevilla


¡Welcome to conTenedor restaurant!

You can make your reservation through our website. We are open every day of the week for lunch and dinner.

In order to provide an adequate service, we do not accept reservations of more than 10 people.

In conTenedor we put hope, effort and persistence so the experience of the clients that visit us is as satisfactory as possible and we want the client that visits us to value it equally.

Therefore, we do not accept bachelor parties or events that may alter the good atmosphere of the room.

Reservations with young children must be indicated in advance, as well as the use of cart / highchair. We do not have a children’s menu.

Restaurant schedule

Monday to Thursday: Lunch 13.30h a 16.00h // Dinner 20.00h a 23.30h

Friday & Saturdays: Lunch 13.30h a 16.30h // Dinner 20.30h a 00.00h

Sunday:  Lunch 13.30h a 16.30h // Dinner 20.30h a 23.30h

Cancellation policy

conTenedor applies cancellation policy for all your reservations.

When making a reservation you are asked for a credit / debit card. No charge will be made at the time of your reservation. In case of not attending the confirmed reservation or cancel less than 2 hours from the reserved date and time, the credit / debit card previously provided will be charged, the amount of 10 per person.

You can cancel your reservation at any time from the link of the email that you received at the time of requesting your reservation.

If you would like more information, please contact us by email: or by phone 954 916 333


* If the availability does not meet your request, check other options.

Important: The confirmation email guarantees the realization of your reservation. It could be required upon arrival.

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